Our general terms and conditions according to §§ 305 to 310 BGB


Our usual brokerage fee is 3.57% incl. 19% of the notarized purchase price as seller’s commission and 3.57% incl. 19% of the notarized purchase price as buyer’s commission, unless otherwise agreed in the individual brokerage contract with the customer.


In accordance with § 656c, our usual brokerage fee for both the seller and the buyer of condominiums and single-family homes is a maximum of 3.57% of the notarized purchase price including the applicable VAT, currently 19%, but in any case the same amount for both parties.


The commission claim is earned, due and payable upon conclusion of the main contract, if the main contract was based on our contractually agreed verification or brokerage activities.



A brokerage contract becomes effective with us when a written agreement/contract is concluded between the customer and us. Even if we are commissioned for commissionable, verification activities or our services as a broker on the basis and in the knowledge of the commissionable services lead or led to success arises the brokerage contract.



Unless otherwise agreed in the individual brokerage contract with the customer regarding the contract period is or was our usual brokerage contract period is 6 months and the contract is extended by 2 months if it is not 4 weeks before the end of the contract in writing.



During the term of the contract, the customer/seller may not engage any other broker with the brokerage or other sales efforts, of the property in question, with the aim of proving a buyer, for

for the object in question. Should the customer violate this regulation, he has to compensate us, as a contractual partner, for the resulting damage. The customer must also pay the brokerage commission if a company associated with him or the buyer or a person closer to him or the buyer buys the property.



As a basis for our brokerage efforts, offer compilations and tenders, we use the data, information and information provided to us by the customer. For this we assume no liability, also

not for the energy certificate provided to us, and reserve errors and incorrect transmissions and prior sale.



The broker may, in addition to his activity, brokerage efforts for sale or purchase, for the client, also act as an evidence broker or broker for the other party. Any dual activity obligates the broker to strict impartiality. The broker may charge and receive commissions from either party.



Should a rental agreement be concluded as a result of the brokerage efforts of the broker instead of the originally intended purchase contract for the advertised, commercial real estate property, the commercial real estate brokerage fee for the rental brokerage in the amount of 3 cold rents plus 19% VAT, which is customary by us, shall be due for the tenant upon conclusion of the rental agreement. The brokerage fee is earned, due and payable upon signing of the lease agreement by the parties.



Should the customer/potential buyer already know the contractual property or it has already been offered to him by a third party or it is offered during the term of the contract, the customer has to inform us of this, at the latest within three working days, stating the source to object. A letter, e-mail or fax to us, the broker, is sufficient for this purpose. If the customer does not contradict, it is denied to him later to refer to the previous knowledge. In the event that a main contract is concluded, the customer shall be obliged to pay the broker’s commission plus VAT.



If the customer passes on our exposés and sales object information, documentation or other data concerning the object, which were intended for him in confidence, to third parties after our contract with him has come about, he violates confidentiality and is liable, if applicable, for lost commissions if a third party concludes the purchase contract as a result of his passing on and we were therefore unable to conclude the brokerage despite our verification and brokerage work.



We are not obligated to dispute resolution proceedings and therefore do not participate in them.